What is it to be human?

rAndom International, a studio based in London and Berlin, ponder upon our emotional reactions to machines. More than ever, machines participate in our daily lives facilitating communication, transportation and cultural exchanges all over the...

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The endless wave spectrum

  Language is extremely interconnected with politics and the ways of the world, in this respect it is valid to say that it is a living system at the mercy of outer influences. It evolves as civilization does, however can technology be...

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ARTIS, a place to call home

Artis, founded in 2004, is an independent non-profit organisation based in New York aiming to create a vast offsite network accessible to Israeli artists to penetrate the global art circuit. Its comprehensive programmes inspire reflection and debate on our...

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Archeology of the future

  Since 1952, Israel has steadily participated at the Venice Biennale confirming its strong position in the contemporary art field. Under the direction of Christine Macel, this year’s edition titled Viva Arte Viva wished to celebrate art. Tami Katz-Freiman, curator of...

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Bahraïn Special Edition

For this Bahrain special edition dedicated to the artistic talent in the Kingdom – we showcase 17 Bahraini artists, amongst an exploration of Bahrain as the gulfs cultural capital.

144 pages – 12 €

Contemporary Art in Israel

This time, we take you to discover Israel’s contemporary art scene. Art collectors, curators, museums directors and artists were interviewed for this issue to give our readers a thorough view on Israel’s compelling art landscape.

160 pages – 12 €

Beyond the Visible

ArtPremium, in this striking edition, endeavours to reveal a master narrative existing among contemporary artists to illuminate with their artistic consciouness the munificent dimensions beyond the visible.

160 pages – 12 €

Korean Contemporary Art & Design

In an effort to break into the flourishing Asia market, this edition spotlights, in more than 100 pages of content, the contemporary art and design landscape in South Korea.

160 pages – 12 €

Contemporary African Art

ArtPremium takes you on a visual journey into the contemporary art life in Africa and its diaspora. Conscientious of the burgeoning worldwide popularity of contemporary African art.

160 pages – 12 €