Festival 12X12 opens in Paris

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The city of Paris will hold for the 8th time in a row the Festival 12X12, a cultural event reuniting institutions such as Le 100, the Douze Theater and the Foundation Eugène Napoléon among other 17 artists.

From the 11th to the 21st of December, the festival will be presenting a multi disciplinary programme, rich in cultural happenings that will combine theater, dance, painting, cinema, photography and other artistic disciplines. Diversity, a key element to this year’s edition, puts under the spotlight emerging young artists with a significant career in France and the international world. Artists such as Hadaki, a Polish creator working with traditional procedures for pottery and ceramics, Arnaud Perrel, or Elodie Abergel will be three of the many artists on display.

The Festival 12 X 12 wishes to stay true to the realities of our time through promoting socially engaged rising and confirmed artists. This festival is indeed conscious about the culture’s role in the public debate. In order to achieve a generous and warming welcome, the festival, which has an easy and free access to the public, has prepared surprise performances and can ultimately be found in 12 different places such as at Le 100, Établissement Culturel et Solidaire, cinemas like the UGC, theatres, and the Emylon Business School.

The French-Israeli artist Elodie Abergel will exhibit her work at the forecourt of the Gare de Lyon. End of DNA, a piece inspired by the skyscrapers in New York, offers a poetic and yet dreadful landscape symbolising the conformism and standardization in Western societies. Exploring other topics such as gambling, women’s position, the migrant crisis, territories and the Middle East, Abergel, an “artivist”, uses territories not as a limit but as the beginning of new paths.

Le 100, which is at the inception of this festival, is considered a cooperative society with a collective interest where a team of professionals in the arts welcome artists. Their space is indeed exclusive to all. Each artist can benefit from what Le 100, which is placed near to the Gare de Lyon, has to offer in its techniques.

The Festival is partners with the City Hall of the 12th Parisian district, the City Hall of Paris, Île-de-France region, Emerige group, VINCI group, JCDecaux group, the RATP., and ArtPremium.

Passionate Territories / Rational Territories

by Elodie Abergel   

Oct. 26 – Nov. 14, 2017

Le CENT ecs Paris
100 Rue de Charenton
75012 Paris



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