Passionate Territories / Rational Territories

Festival 12x12 opens in Paris

The city of Paris will hold for the 8th edition of the Festival 12X12, a cultural event reuniting institutions such as le 100ecs, the Douze Theater and the Foundation Eugène Napoléon among other 17 artists.

Motley’s the Only Wear

The collaborative duo Aziz + Cucher revitalises the historical tapestry in contemporary art, documenting the bleak realities of our modern world.

A Matter of Blood

Contemporary Israeli artist Sigalit Landau explores Judaic symbols and Israel’s history. Via her artistic practice, the audience understands and is instructed on the current state of mind of the artistic ecosystem.

Eamonn Doyle - "I, On , End"

After 20 years of hiatus, Eamonn Doyle has risen from the crowd with a fresh perspective to street photography. His work echoes the bustling sounds in the capital city of Ireland.

Inspiring Actions

German photographer, Martin Schoeller worked conjointly with the French company Ricard to photograph some of the faces that constitute the company’s spectrum of employees.


Contemporary Art in Israel

This time, we take you to discover Israel’s contemporary art scene. Art collectors, curators, museums directors and artists were interviewed for this issue to give our readers a thorough view on Israel’s compelling art landscape.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730 gr.
12 €

Beyond the Visible

ArtPremium, in this striking edition, endeavours to reveal a master narrative existing among contemporary artists to illuminate with their artistic consciouness the munificent dimensions beyond the visible.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.
12 €

Korean Contemporary Art & Design

In an effort to break into the flourishing Asia market, this edition spotlights, in more than 100 pages of content, the contemporary art and design landscape in South Korea.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.
12 €

Contemporary African Art

In this edition, ArtPremium takes you on a visual journey into the contemporary art life in Africa and its diaspora. Conscientious of the burgeoning worldwide popularity of contemporary African art, international cultural institutions many alike bring us exhibitions on the diversity of the region’s artistic creation.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730 gr.
12 €