17 Bahraini artists in Paris

14 & 15 September 2018


“Au-delà des limites” in the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris until September 9th, 2018

First edition of Bahrain Art Week in Paris

“The Legacy and the Contemporary Memory”, the exhibition of Bahraini contemporary artists, takes places at the Grand Palais in Paris on September 13 - 15, 2018. The exhibition, making part of the Bahrain Art Week in France, presents a...

When the Painting Becomes a Sound

The exhibition “Zao Wou-Ki - L’espace est Silence”, curated by Fabrice Hergott, is the first large exhibition of Zao Wou-Ki in Paris for the last 15 years. It assembled the large-scale paintings and drawings of the master of the abstract painting, who left a very...

Subodh Gupta at La Monnaie, Paris

Subodh Gupta, one of the best-known Indian contemporary artists and master of readymade, is represented this year in Monnaie de Paris with his first personal exhibition in France. This impressive retrospective contains his 30 most famous...

The Breviloquence of Art

Lee Ufan is a man who needs no introduction. In the serenity of his work, there is almost a phenomenological reflection behind his paintings. “It is the things themselves, from the depths of their silence, that it wishes to bring to expression.”...

The Leeum Museum: “Korean Rhapsody”

Known as “representing the beauty of South Korea”, the Leeum Museum’s architecture symbolises the 3 most important values of the Samsung Foundation of Culture: Korean traditional values, the movable nature of contemporary art and the importance...

What is it to be human?

rAndom International, a studio based in London and Berlin, ponder upon our emotional reactions to machines. More than ever, machines participate in our daily lives facilitating communication, transportation and cultural exchanges all over the...

The endless wave spectrum

  Language is extremely interconnected with politics and the ways of the world, in this respect it is valid to say that it is a living system at the mercy of outer influences. It evolves as civilization does, however can technology be...

ARTIS, a place to call home

Artis, founded in 2004, is an independent non-profit organisation based in New York aiming to create a vast offsite network accessible to Israeli artists to penetrate the global art circuit. Its comprehensive programmes inspire reflection and debate on our...

Narcissus’ Reflection

Piercing eyes, still as a lake, printed on the glossy images by photographer Adi Nes entice viewers to peel off these well-crafted veneers and reveal an autobiographical search of identity and the reason of a nation. With his art, Nes is the...

Archeology of the future

  Since 1952, Israel has steadily participated at the Venice Biennale confirming its strong position in the contemporary art field. Under the direction of Christine Macel, this year’s edition titled Viva Arte Viva wished to celebrate art. Tami Katz-Freiman, curator of...

Curiosity killed the cat

  Gal Weinstein is the enfant terrible who played with fire. The rebellious artist is preoccupied with showing the viewer the truth of the material, demonstrating, in the most as-a-matter-of-fact way, images of the unfiltered reality. The...

Designing the new Holon

  Born as an initiative from the mayor of Holon, Mr. Moti Sasson, the Design Museum has converted the city into a cultural hub fostering pioneering design from Israel and all over the world.   Inaugurated in 2010 and designed by the Israeli...

Where life and dreams are as one

  Nostalgia to some is a feeling leading to sadness, a yearning for the past accompanied with regrets. American writer Michael Chabon defines it rather as a straight connection with the past: “is the emotional experience - always momentary,...

Eamonn Doyle – “I, On , End”

When Heraclitus voices that change is the only constant, it is an oxymoron. The three photo books, i (2014), ON (2015) and  End. (2016) by Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle demonstrate with a befitting articulation of staccato this modern rhythm of the city of Dublin....

A Matter of Blood

In the Jewish religion, blood is a cornerstone embodying the religion’s precepts. From their diet to whom belongs to the faith, the red liquid is replete of numerous connotations. The Israeli artist, Sigalit Landau centers part of her artistic practice in blood and...

David Hockney: The Versatile Hand

Celebrating as well the artist’s 80th birthday, the museum is exhibiting more than 160 paintings, photos, engravings, video installations and drawings focusing on Hockney’s artistic evolution. The first part of the show unveils his initial steps where he centered on...

The Persistance of Memory

Armando Romero’s career is one to be envied as during his formative years he was taught by tutelar Mexican artists such as Juan Soriano, Francisco Zúñiga, José Luis Cuevas and many others. Although he was influenced by the muralists and their practices, especially by...

A Spring Symphony

Artist Miguel Chevalier animates the flora of the Domaine of Chaumont-sur-Loire and extends Spring into the deep Autumn in his exclusive multi-sensory, immersive digital installation, IN-OUT/ Artificial Paradises 2017.

Venice Biennial: Viva Arte Viva

The 57th Venice Biennale is about to open its doors in May 13th. With the title, Viva Art Viva curator Christine Macel intends to celebrate artists, their work and life in this year’s edition.


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