ArtPremium Spring 2017 transports you to the infinite variety of the cosmos.
The human eye is blind to many realities of our universe that have to be discovered otherwise through science, art, and natural phenomena. ArtPremium, in this striking edition, endeavours to reveal a master narrative existing among contemporary artists to illuminate with their artistic consciouness the munificent dimensions beyond the visible.

160 pages – 23 x 30 cm – 730gr.



Chamber of Reflection
Photography’s mechanics are unveiled in a sharp study of Matthew Brandt’s techniques and distinctive aesthetics.

You had to be there
Clémence Danon Boileau’s photographs make us question the need for light to see in the dark.

The Truth, The Way, The Life
ArtPremium investigates the mysterious beauty behind the images of one of the most polemicised artists of our time, Andres Serrano.

Semiotics of Needle
Dutch artist Berend Strik opens up infinite possibilities to daydream by stitching images in the physical reality.


Pixcellular Fission
Nature mimicked by Miguel Chevalier’s interactive and generative installations reinforces the unknown – a task that is engrained in the evolution of man and telling of our future.

The Urgency of Confabulation
ArtPremium investigates the reflection behind the beautiful nature-based imageries in Jennifer Steinkamp’s art, an expression that cannot be categorised. 

Life’s Requiem
Chiharu Shiota’s dreamlike artistic practice engages the spectator and relocates him in a parallel universe where life and death become one.

Reunited in the Tenth Dimension
Yayoi Kusama’s legendary work in full bloom during her institution survey exhibition in North America debuting at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

The Fruit of Harmony & Chaos
Chaos and harmony merge in Julio Le Parc’s work, his youthful vision imbued in chromatic lines and geometric forms gives life to prodigious creations.

The Awareness of Impermanence
Welding together art, science, digital technology, and man, Japanese artistic collective teamLab changes the contemporary model of exhibitions.

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