Festival 12X12 opens in Paris

The city of Paris will hold for the 8th time in a row the Festival 12X12, a cultural event reuniting institutions such as Le 100, the Douze Theater and the Foundation Eugène Napoléon among other 17 artists. From the 11th to the 21st of December, the festival will be...

Under the radar: STPI

ArtPremium had the chance to interview Emi Eu, former director of STPI, a creative workshop and gallery located in Singapore. Exhibiting artists such as Anri Sala, Jane Lee, Do Ho Suh, Rirkrit Tiravanija and more, and celebrating their 15th Anniversary, STPI has...

Prix Marcel Duchamp to Hadjithomas & Joreige

Prix Marcel Duchamp 2017 Joana Hadjithomas et Khalil Joreige - Centre Pompidou, 2017, Audrey Laurans   Once again the time has come to disclose the winner of the prestigious French award, the “ Prix Marcel Duchamp ” given by the ADIAF. This year’s edition has been...

Motley’s the Only Wear

Tucked in the far right corner of the image, dressed in motley, specked with black dots is the artist duo Anthony Aziz and Samuel Cucher in clowning disguise as the silent observers in the woven chaos of Aporia. This iconography is a recurring motif to Aziz + Cucher’s...

Eamonn Doyle – “I, On , End”

When Heraclitus voices that change is the only constant, it is an oxymoron. The three photo books, i (2014), ON (2015) and  End. (2016) by Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle demonstrate with a befitting articulation of staccato this modern rhythm of the city of Dublin....

A Matter of Blood

In the Jewish religion, blood is a cornerstone embodying the religion’s precepts. From their diet to whom belongs to the faith, the red liquid is replete of numerous connotations. The Israeli artist, Sigalit Landau centers part of her artistic practice in blood and...

David Hockney: The Versatile Hand

Celebrating as well the artist’s 80th birthday, the museum is exhibiting more than 160 paintings, photos, engravings, video installations and drawings focusing on Hockney’s artistic evolution. The first part of the show unveils his initial steps where he centered on...

The Persistance of Memory

Armando Romero’s career is one to be envied as during his formative years he was taught by tutelar Mexican artists such as Juan Soriano, Francisco Zúñiga, José Luis Cuevas and many others. Although he was influenced by the muralists and their practices, especially by...

Printing the World at Centre Pompidou

The gallery 4 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris is currently presenting Printing the World, an exhibition taking place until the 3rd of July, exploring the 3D universe and its possibilities.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

Until the 25th of July 2017, the gallery Mayoral in Barcelona will be presenting Building Bridges, not Walls, a retrospective of the Spanish artist Manolo Millares curated by Alfonso de la Torre and Elena Sorokina.

A Spring Symphony

Artist Miguel Chevalier animates the flora of the Domaine of Chaumont-sur-Loire and extends Spring into the deep Autumn in his exclusive multi-sensory, immersive digital installation, IN-OUT/ Artificial Paradises 2017.

Venice Biennial: Viva Arte Viva

The 57th Venice Biennale is about to open its doors in May 13th. With the title, Viva Art Viva curator Christine Macel intends to celebrate artists, their work and life in this year’s edition.

Living with Art

From hinterland to the next epicentre of art, fashion and innovation, West Chelsea welcomes another upcoming gallery initiative in this charming and vibrant 21st century neighbourhood.

African Rebirth

Once again the Louis Vuitton Foundation has undertake the challenge of mesmerizing an audience avid for discovering new regions of contemporary art. After the success of “Icônes de l’art moderne” the foundation gives space to our African contemporaries.

Life’s Requiem

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota immerses her audiences in her installations employing only two colours, red and black, she examines the life and death circle.

Vija Celmins, Entropic Void

Vija Celmins’s creations depict almost faithfully the world surrounding her. As the viewer inspects the painting, details burst right in front of their eyes unveiling the painter’s subjectivity.  

Marcus Lyon : An idea leader

As a member of different humanitarian organizations, his artistic practice is marked by his social awareness and a visual sensitivity. As a young child Lyon  became aware of the limitations of human life after the loss of his older brother, Andrew; the discovery of...

Anish Kapoor – “It waves you to a more removed ground”

Anish Kapoor once famously said that for there to be new objects, there had to be new space. Impregnated with the possibilities, the artist’s work reveals the truth in his paradoxical conversation between the void and the perceptible. The quality of Kapoor’s journey into the hither and thither of the Other is one of mystery and introspection.

Becoming CI-KIM

“Many people are curious to know how I express artistically as a businessman and at the same time, as a collector. They want me to tell some dramatic story or a vivid moment in my life that triggered this passion in me to become an artist.” The eternal smile...

Karim Rashid: Designing the Future

Karim Rashid’s vision of the future is a universe where his designs transmit human ideals such as beauty and transcendence. The ideology behind Rashid’s architecture and his objects aims at contributing to life’s enjoyment in a world where products set the pace of our life styles.

Set Zeitz in Cape Town

ZEITZ MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART AFRICA (Zeitz MOCAA) is set to make its grand opening, on the 23rd of September 2017, with Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves (2010) projecting on nine screens in its atrium. Even as a work in progress, the project has created a phenomenon and an incredible media buzz. Its executive director and chief curator Mark Coetzee reveals what it takes to make this dream a reality.

Lagos Photo Festival 2016

Lagos Photo Festival 2016 is currently taking place until the 21th of November in the burgeoning Nigerian city of Lagos. The title of this year’s event “Rituals and Performance: Inherent Risk” emphasizes photography’s nature as a visual track of reality enabling to perpetuate gender roles as well as other cultural constructions in our contemporary society.

Brigitte Waldach, Thus Spoke the Silenced

Brigitte Waldach’s art is, in some manner, like a piece of writing. Not the fictitious or romanticised, but a journalistic essay. Like peeling off the layers of an onion, the artist dissects historical events and contemplates on the universality of the human experience.

The Kid – Howl

In an effort to highlight and perhaps to alleviate the weight of crimes inherited from past generations, young artists such as The_Kid, combine different iconographies in order to grasp the future of a seemingly lost generation and to find a sense of reason amongst the rubble.

Art in Motion with Technology

For two generations, our global environment has been transformed through data sharing via the Internet. Galleries and museums are no longer the exclusive space to exhibit works of art; and yet, screens are not the only medium for display. Therefore, we are required to...

Dongdaemun Design Plaza: Urban Resurgence

A cultural landmark bears the responsibility of creating genuine dialogue with the public, to live up to the country’s history, and to play into Seoulites’ collective memory. A retrospective look into South Korean design history and how the establishment of the...

Montreal Biennale, Communicating Vessels

From October 19, 2016 to January 15, 2017, Canada welcomes the Biennale of Montreal, an unparalleled event in the country’s landscape. In 2014, seeking to attain a wider audience and to open up the international art scene, the Montreal Biennale changed its formula. Philippe Pirotte, director of the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt was appointed as director of this year’s edition together with four other members: Kitty Scott, Corey McCorkle, Aseman Sabet and Sylvie Fortin.

Letter of the Editor

It is an "extra-ordinary" and unique “mogulesque” framework, that has unfurled, on a territory of approximately 97 000 km2, 70% of which is mountainous; an economy and an architectonic hierarchy of culture and contemporary art! South Korea barely covers 1/5th of...

MAT #1: Back to the Future

The Parisian auction house, Blanc-Manteaux Auction, is to host, in partnership with Futur en Seine 2016, an unprecedented exhibit-auction on digital art on 18-19 June 2016. This weekend, 90 pieces of technological art by 60 plus artists who gained prominence in the market from 1956 to 2016 will be up for bids.

Travel in Style, Travel in Art

What do you do every morning in transit? Are you the kind that switches off, who tries to squeeze in a couple more minutes of beauty sleep in preparation for the day ahead? Or are you those who are completely plugged in with heads superglued to your smart phones? Have...

K Auction to offer seminal Korean Abstract artworks

South Korean leading auction house, K auction, is hosting its next installment of Hong Kong sale on Sunday, 29 May 2016 at the Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Hotel. After a week of preview at their offices in Seoul, artworks on sale are currently making their way to the Pearl...

Jarrosson presents “In Utero” at Hors Champs Gallery

In Utero, the title of an exhibition in Paris, reflects Jarrosson’s penchant for biology and for water, a key element in his works. Often compared to the work of painters from the lyrical abstraction movement, Jarrossons paintings follows a certain lyrical rhythm, a...

Platform-L Contemporary Art Centre

Seoul - a city synonymous to modern-day technological advancement is the epicentre of Asia’s booming cultural and artistic production. The latest addition, Platform-L Contemporary Art Centre (Platform-L), aims to pioneer a new dimension to the already cutting-edge and...

A Glimpse of Lucy

The Museum of Modern art in Castilla y Leon is fostering an ambitious project baptised with the name, The iris of Lucy in honour of Lucy, the ancestor of our species, the homo sapiens. But the exhibition restores what was stolen: Lucy was rebaptised by the Afar...

Master of Disguise

In recent years, the world has been focusing their lenses on China, a country under incredible transformation. Forty years after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese contemporary art thrives under the pretense of political reformation and rapid economic growth.  It has no...


As a part of UBS’s initiative in contemporary art, the global financial services magnate commissions one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of our time in a touring exhibition. As the fourth layover of its voyage, ‘WOMEN: New Portraits’ arrives in...

Beatriz Milhazes: Using Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

The Jewish Museum has commissioned Brazilian artist, Beatriz Milhazes to create new artworks fusing the walls, the floors, and the ceilings of the museum as integral component in art. The series of five hanging sculptures, named Gamboa II, decorates the lobby of the...

Elodie Abergel, the full time “artivist”

The Israeli-French artist Elodie Abergel possesses a body of work deeply rooted in “contextual art”, an art tendency seeking to relocate art into the social ecosystem. Via her aesthetic works of art, Abergel creates a “territory of sharing” where individuals opposed by their ideology or religion, are invited to seek a common point and find a humanness in each other.